Fuel Hazard Assessments (Pre-/Post-Harvest)

Post-harvest surface fuel loading after a fuel treatment on the Williams Lake Community Forest.

  • Industry-friendly sampling protocols & designs
  • Field data collection, processing & analysis
  • Model site-specific surface fuel thresholds to meet regulatory obligations
  • Training and consultation

Fire Behavior Modeling with Ignis, FuelCalcBC, and CFIS

High-severity fire in a lodgepole pine forest in Cascade, Idaho (2007).

  • Surface fire behavior
    • Rate of spread
    • Fire intensity
  • Likelihood of crown fire initiation
  • Active & passive crown fire rate of spread
  • Assess treatment effectiveness
  • Consultation

Geographic Information System Services

Modeled fire perimeters from historical wildfires in the Darkwoods, BC.

  • Geodatabase design
  • Spatial analysis
  • Python programming
  • Mobile device data collection (ArcPad & ArcGIS Collector)
  • Cartography
  • Consultation